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The number of Chinese people immigrating to Tibet is increasing and the Dalai Lama has deemed the population shift a type of cultural genocide. The Tibet Post reported that Tibetan marginalization by mass migration will render the Tibetan people an “insignificant minority” that will be overlooked or ignored for the Han Chinese and/or authorities of the communist regime.

25 years ago, in February 1986, the U.S. Congress ratified the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, The Hill’s Congress Blog stated. The blog post highlighted the achievement of Senator William Proxmire, a Democrat from Wisconsin, for delivering a total of 3,211 speeches in order to push the Senate to ratify the convention. However, “two and a half decades later, the U.S. and international community still lack the ability to effectively fulfill the promise of ‘never again’ embodied in the Convention.”

The genocide survivors organization Ibuka has released a list of 265 Hutu individuals in recognition of their role in protecting Tutsi victims during the 1994 genocide. These righteous people, referred to as Indakemwa in Kinyarwanda, “did not agree with the genocide neither did they participate in the killings. They did everything they could to save Tutsis, at the risk of their lives,” Ibuka indicated as reported by Hirondelle News Agency.

Three Khmer Rouge leaders currently on trial will remain in detention whilst they await their atrocity crimes trial in Khmer Rouge Tribunal, Voice of America has reported. “Trial Chamber judge Nil Nonn said in the decision the three would continue to be held “to ensure the presence of the accused persons at the trial.”

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