Third in a series of posts, by CHRISTINE LIM, on graduate-level academic programs in genocide studies.  

1. What type of graduate-level degree is offered in the field of genocide studies at Kean?

Kean University, located in Union, NJ, offers through the  Nathan Weiss Graduate College a Master of Arts in Holocaust and Genocide Studies.

2. When was the program founded?

The program was founded in January of 2006.

3. How many people have received this degree to date (or how many per year receive them, on average)?

11 people have graduated to date.

4. Who are the faculty involved in this program?

Here is our program faculty page.

5. What are the courses like?

Some examples:
Genocide in Asian History
Native-American Genocide
The Ukrainian Famine-Genocide 1932-1933

A more complete list is here.

A 10-page Powerpoint presentation on the program is available here.

6. What are your alumni doing?

The Alumni Relations Office [908-737-2586] should have more information.

A quick Google search shows that one 2008 grad is completing her Ph.D. in Holocaust History and Genocide Studies at Clark University.

7. How many years do students normally take to graduate?

Approximately two years.

8. How competitive are admissions?

We no longer require GREs. Our program usually attracts self-selected applicants.