Tensions between southern and northern Sudan have escalated in recent weeks, the Independent reported. Talks between the areas ceased after southern Sudan accused Khartoum of arming and directing militia attacks that have killed hundreds of people in the South. The South further accused Omar al-Bashir’s government of deploying Darfur-style tactics and planning a genocide to reclaim power in southern Sudan.

Jayshree Bajoria, Senior Staff Writer for the Council on Foreign Relations has published an article titled “The Dilemma of Humanitarian Intervention.” This in-depth analysis discusses responsibility and sovereignty referencing current international legal instruments and the responsibility to protect (R2P). Bajoria uses the examples of Myanmar, Kenya, Kashmir and Libya to further her analysis on the application of R2P.

The Arab League on Saturday called on the UN Security Council to implement a no-fly zone over Libya, the Washington Post reported. Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa described the no fly-zone as a “preventive measure” whose chief goal is to “protect Libyan citizens.” The Arab League further announced that it was recognizing the rebel movement as that country’s legitimate government.

Photo: rnw.nl