Welcome to the new blog of the Auschwitz Institute for Peace and Reconciliation.

AIPR’s mission is to prevent genocide, and our blog aims to support that mission not only by informing followers about our work and its impact on the prevention of genocide (From the AIPR Team), but also by calling attention to news articles (“GenPrev in the News) or reports, briefs, and policy papers (Policy for GenPrev) that highlight various aspects of prevention and offer some sort of lesson or take-away for those active in the field, whether as students, scholars, educators, activists, or policymakers.

Most of our posts will be handled by the dynamic Mona Mizikovsky (aka monamiz). But we also plan to feature posts by people outside AIPR who are working in the field (“Guest Preventer”). Our aim in doing so is to build a community (at least an online one) of genocide preventers who are aware of what each other are doing, and what is working and what is not, whether personally or professionally. This, we hope, will be both supportive and productive.

From its founding, AIPR has viewed itself more as a facilitator than a direct actor in preventing genocide. Our primary focus is on education rather than advocacy; we give the leaders of tomorrow the tools and the knowledge they will need to make the right decisions when their turn comes. This blog, though not connected directly with any of our programs, seeks to steer by that same principle. We look forward to having you onboard.

For more on our programs, go to http://auschwitzinstitute.org/.

Yours in prevention,

Alex Zucker
AIPR Communications Officer